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Innovate and Create Living Learning Community


The Innovate and Create LLC is Temple University’s first Entrepreneurial Lab – a place where students can feel free to share any kind of radical or crazy idea (and where their peers will give them feedback or collaborate to improve these ideas). The most successful new ventures are started by teams that combine people with different academic backgrounds (engineers, business people, scientists, artists, architects, etc…). Indeed some of the most famous entrepreneurial stories started in dorms (e.g., Dell, Facebook) and this success is partly a result of the collocation of the right individuals combined with appropriate amounts of freedom and a supportive atmosphere.

The Incubator is supported by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) (on Facebook) and the Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA) (on Facebook). This LLC will give you the chance to meet and build life-long friendships with the most innovative, entrepreneurial students on campus.

Here is a recent example of Temple entrepreneurs who are doing good while they do well…

The Innovate & Create LLC is currently housed in White Hall.

For more information, contact:
Robert McNamee Program Administrator
Lydia Lawson, Peer Mentor

Learning Outcomes - Students will learn...

  • …that entrepreneurship (in various forms) is a viable career option for everyone
  • …the importance of diverse perspectives on creativity and innovation
  • …the importance of following your passion and having a positive social impact in all business endeavors
  • …how to identify opportunities (including the impact of macro trends on the opportunity landscape)
  • …to apply design thinking & creative problem solving techniques to attack real-world challenges
  • …the various paths forward to commercialize an invention and/or launch a new venture (including the potential pitfalls along the way)


  1. Open to all majors (the LLC is designed specifically to connect people from across campus)
  2. Participate in the for-credit ‘Innovate & Create’ Freshmen Seminar (Fall semester) that will teach you about entrepreneurship and innovation as well as provide a roadmap for entrepreneurship at Temple
  3. Actively participate in the Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA)
  4. Attend at least five (5) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) events throughout the year (e.g., Innovative Idea Competition, Be Your Own Boss Bowl, entrepreneurial fireside chats, MADV Angel Venture Forum, IEI workshops or toolboxes, etc… there are dozens of events to choose from).