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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The spaces below have been designated as accommodations on reserve for students with disabilities. Click on the room number to view the room diagram for each space of interest.

Residence Hall Accessible Room Diagram
1300 CB-N100, CB-N117, CB-S100, CB-S201, CB-S222, CB-S301, CB-S322, CB-S401, CB-S422, CB-S501, CB-S522
1940 N1-G11, N1-G28, N1-W111, N1-W128, N1-E213, N1-E220, N1-W211, N1-W228, N1-E313, N1-E320, N1-W311, N1-W328, N1-E413, N1-E420, N1-W411, N1-W428, N1-W511, N1-W528
White Hall WH-A112, WH-B114, WH-A202, WH-A212, WH-B214, WH-B224, WH-A302, WH-A312, WH-B314, WH-B324, WH-A402, WH-A412, WH-B414, WH-B424