Select Your Housing

Room Swap

The Room Swap Process will be available for students who already booked housing during the annual Housing Selection Process but may be interested in switching their assignments.  Like the annual Housing Selection Process, earlier depositors will be given priority access to available spaces in addition to students who have groups that will completely fill available rooms.

ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY E-MAILING HOUSING@TEMPLE.EDU. Students should include the following information in their e-mail:

  1. Students' name
  2. Students' TUid Number
  3. Students' cell phone number
  4. Students' class year: incoming freshman, incoming transfer, returning sophomore, junior or senior residents
  5. Similar information for roommates
  6. A brief description of students' request.

Who should consider participating in the Room Swap Process:

  • Returning residents looking to switch their assigned spaces to available vacancies that occur as a result of cancellations
  • Students looking to swap spaces with other students willing to make room changes
  • New students who successfully booked a housing assignment but now wish to relocate with a different student(s) or different location.

New Students
New students (incoming freshman and transfers) simply need to e-mail us their request. In some cases, we may need confirmation from all students involved in a Room Swap request. All requests should be sent to

Returning Students
For returning students, you will also need to send us an e-mail in addition to scheduling an in-person meeting with the Office of Assignments and Billing. We will begin making appointments after Spring Break on Monday, March 17, 2014 and will communicate those meeting dates and times with you as quickly as possible.  We're planning to begin appointments on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, so please e-mail or call us no later than the close of business on Monday, March 17, 2014 to be considered for this assistance.

Students who have applied for the Honors LLC Program, Global LLC Program, Student Athletics spaces, or Disability Accommodations are not eligible for this process as your housing is being determined through these respective departments or programs.  Your housing is already being worked on through these specialty housing groups.  We ask that you follow up with these respective programs should you have questions about your assignments.