On-Campus Living

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What to Bring to Campus?

Decorating Your Room

We encourage you to decorate your room to reflect your personality and style. Many rooms have bulletin boards or tack strips; we also suggest using fun-tack for hanging things on the walls instead of nails or tacks. Students are not permitted to paint, install carpeting (area rugs are fine), hang wallpaper, or apply contact paper or decals.

Things You Might Want to Bring

  • alarm clock
  • sheets, pillows, blankets
  • waste basket
  • pictures, posters
  • stereo or iPod
  • computer (running Windows XP or later or Mac OS X,10.4 or later) plus Ethernet cable and original DVDs/CDs that came with your computer
  • cable lock for any laptops
  • personal toiletries and medications
  • cleaning supplies and laundry detergent
  • refrigerators that are less than 3.6 cubic ft. and are energy star rated. Students can contract through our preferred vendor, Microfridge, by visiting their site at www.campusspec.com.

Things NOT Permitted in Residential Halls

  • firearms or weapons, regardless of permits to carry
  • high-wattage electrical appliances exceeding 50W (air conditioners, space heaters, heat lamps or music amplifiers)
  • candles, incense, aromatherapy oil burners or any devices using halogen bulbs or exposed heating elements, like toasters, convection ovens, hot plates or tanning lamps
  • personal microwaves, unless acquired through our selected vendor, Campus Specialists Inc., who sell and rent Microfridge units
  • pets (other than certified service animal) See policy here
  • materials or mechanisms for loft beds
  • network equipment (wireless access points, routers and hubs)

Click here for a complete listing of approved and not approved items in the residence halls. If you have questions about a specific item and whether or not it is permitted in your residence hall, please contact your building's Front Desk Office or refer to the Rights, Responsibilities and Resources Guide which is provided during check-in.