Move-in Guide

Things You Might Want to Bring

A student's first year experience at Temple University is often his or her first experience living away from home. Students often bring items to campus based on personal preference.

Things You Might Want to Bring

Approved Vendors for Fall 2013


University Housing and Residential Life has selected it’s preferred vendor, Campus Specialties, Inc., to offer a refrigerator and microwave combination (“MicroFridge”) rental unit for our students’ rooms. Please note that personal microwaves are not permitted. For more information about renting a MicroFridge, please visit They’ll
deliver your unit prior to move-in, making it easier for you and your family during Move-in Day.

For additional vendors, please visit the link to the Move-in website in the On-Campus Housing Section at

Personal Property Insurance Coverage Reccomended

You should consult with your family’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies to understand any coverage you may have as a resident of University Housing. If not, you might consider purchasing a renter’s insurance policy to protect your personal property. University insurance only covers university property.

Information about private insurance providers will be available in the vendor section of the Move-in website.