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Housing Occupancy Extensions

Several of the undergraduate residence halls are closed during vacation periods, with the exception of "1300," "1940," Temple Towers, Elmira Jeffries, White Hall, and Morgan Hall.

Students assigned to these residence halls, who formally request a housing occupancy extension by completing the Request for a Housing Occupancy Extension, may take advantage of this housing service.

Podiatry and Triangle Apartments also remain open during vacation periods. It is very important that residents adhere to the directives issued by residential life staff.

In the event you submit a request beyond the published deadline date, a $50 late fee will be assessed to your account in addition to per diem charges for the extension.

In an effort to better assist residents, Resident Assistants will conduct floor meetings that will provide all of the information needed to prepare for the vacation / break periods. Residents are urged to take valuables with them during vacation and break periods because they will not have access to them during the time the residence halls are closed. In addition, prior to leaving for vacations, residents should unplug all electrical devices, remove all trash from the room, and lock all windows and doors (security screens and bars should remain in locking position).

Click here to review Housing Occupancy Extension Policies.

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