On-Campus Living

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On-Campus Living

Being on campus, in the thick of it all, is one of the most exciting parts of moving away to college. There are so many opportunities for cultural, recreational, social and academic growth on the widespread, metropolitan Temple campus. So it’s good to know where to get started, from which hall you’ll live in to what to pack to who can help you figure it all out.

Once you’re here, your hall staff will discuss the over 140 registered student organizations for you to get involved in campus life - where the real fun begins.

Important Housing Transitions and Processes

Ever wonder how over 5,000 students manage to move in and out of the residence halls so many times a year? Well, to be honest, it's not easy! The goal of the following links is to give you, whether a student, parent, or administrator, a better understanding of the annual transition periods and resources available to help you during your transitions on and off-campus.