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Congratulations on choosing to further your education at Temple!

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Living in our Graduate Housing Facility

Any full-time, matriculated graduate, doctorate or professional school student can choose to live our Graduate Facility. Our department offers the Podiatric Residence Hall complex located at 8th and Cherry Streets which is about 2 miles south of main campus and right across the street from our School of Podiatric Medicine. The complex is easily accessible to main campus by Public Transportation.

Please check back for Our Guide to Graduate Living brochure to fully understand what each facility offers, as well as how to sign up for our highly competitive Graduate Housing. Our live-in staffs and all-utilities included facilities are perfect for Graduate Students and our 10-month contracts (with the option to extend for the summer) make it convenient for students who have internships, jobs or other activities during the summer. In the interim, please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions.