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Sexual Health

Wellness Resource Center supports you in making whatever sexual decisions you choose. We want you and your partner to be smart and safe when deciding your level of sexual activity.

  • STD/STI Information - It is vital to protect yourself from possible sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The number one symptom of an STI is nothing at all, so make sure you use protection everytime!
  • Definition of Consent - Consent for any sexual activity is the centerpiece for preventing sexual coercion and unwanted sexual behavior. Consent can and should be incorporated as an essential part of sexual communication.
  • Barrier Protection- Barrier methods of protection help minimize risk for STDs/STIs and pregnancy. There are a number of options for you to choose from.
  • Help a Friend - If a friend approaches you for help regarding sexual health, it is important to ensure you support them and provide correct information. Wellness Resource Center would love to help you both learn about sexual health.
  • Resources- There are many resources on and off-campus to help you learn about sexual health, and make the best choices for yourself and your partner.