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Nutrition is important for everyone to know about. HEART Wellness Resource Center would love to help you learn about nutrition and decide what is healthy for you.


  • Support any friends dealing with an eating disorder
  • Find healthy options in the cafeteria
  • There are nutritionists on Temple’s campus for your service
  • Eat with people and eat slowly
  • Try to eat every color of the rainbow in a day


  • 20% of college students struggle with some sort of eating disorder
  • Although many freshmen do not gain the “15 pounds”, several students gain 4 pounds the first 12 weeks of school

Help a Friend

How to Be

Friends may show symptoms of eating disorders, including eating alone, eating at strange times, eating large portions, or barely eating anything at all. It may be difficult to bring ask a friend if they are having trouble eating. Remember to be supportive and sympathetic.

Support Yourself

Do not get angry at yourself if your friend does not want to get help or does not think they have a problem.


Sodexo Nutritionist
Julie Rhule

Student Health Services
Staff nutritionist
1810 Liacouras Walk, 4th Floor (066-04)

HEART – Wellness Resource Center
Mitten Hall, Lower Level

Tuttleman Counseling Services
1810 Liacouras Walk, 5th Floor