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There are many benefits from engaging in physical activity, as well as many options on campus. Let Wellness Resource Center help you learn about all of your fitness opportunities.


  • Avoid stress eating
  • 30 minutes of moderate cardio activity 5 times a week is a great way to keep your body moving and in good shape
  • Weight training does more than make your body “look good.” It helps increase metabolism, reduces stress, strengthens bones, and releases endorphins!


  • In fact, 23% of respondents reported that juggling work and school created the most stress in their lives.
  • To deal with everyday stress, 25% of college students turn to exercise. Exercise and diet play a vital role in maintaining overall wellness for college students.
  • The majority of respondents, 51%, reportedly exercise three or more times a week, with approximately 40% exercising at a fitness club or facility.

Help a Friend

How to Be

Sometimes it just helps to have someone to work out with. Maybe you want to go for a swim, maybe a quick game of tennis or basketball. Being active can help when feeling stressed, bummed, bored, or highly energetic. Good thing about going with a friend is that you both benefit!

Support Yourself

If you have other concerns about your friend and they are not willing to take action with your support and encouragement, feel free to stop by our office so we can review the matter together.