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Tips to Decrease Drinking Risk

  1. Pace Yourself - Your body can only process one drink an hour.
  2. Double Up - Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages. Drink water before, during, and after you drink.
  3. Speed Limit - Set limits on how many drinks you will have BEFORE you go out.
  4. Measuring Cup - The red plastic cup does not equal one drink.
  5. Don't Run On Empty - Eat right before you go out and while you are drinking to slow down your intoxication.
  6. Watch Your Drink - Pour your own drinks and do not drink from open common sources, such as punch bowls and jungle juice.
  7. Life is Not a Game - Avoid drinking games and activities that cause you to lose control of your limit.
  8. Buddy Up - Donít travel alone, and stick with the friends you came with.
  9. Get Help - Call 215-204-1234 (or 1-1234 from a campus phone) for help if you or a friend has had too much to drink. Temple University has a medical amnesty policy, which states that no student will be subject to university discipline for seeking medical treatment for the use of drugs or alcohol for themselves or a friend