Part of the Division of Student Affairs

Getting Help & Resources

Wellness Resource Center addresses a variety of topics including sexual health, sexual assault and domestic violence, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases/infections, birth control information, stress management, tobacco cessation, drug and alcohol management, nutrition, and general wellness. We are here to help you, and can provide you with resources and referrals whenever necessary.


Wellness Resource Center is devoted to helping Temple students live healthy and safe lives while here at Temple. We provide education and resources for a variety of topics, and would love to discuss how we can further help you.

Faculty and Staff

Wellness Resource Center knows the importance of providing consistent messaging to students about health and wellness to impact behavior. We would love to discuss with you our shared goals and how we can support you in providing education to Temple students.


Wellness Resource Center provides health and wellness education to all Temple students. We understand the challenges associated with being a parent of a college student, and would like to help you support your student.