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Wellness Resource Center is pleased to collaborate with you on any content area related to our preventative health mission. The content areas we cover are extensive and include but are not limited to sexual health, nutrition & body image, stress management, healthy relationships, to alcohol awareness.

Student Safety Nest

Student Safety Nest is a guide to high-risk behavior and warning signs. It may help you identify signs of a student in distress, and offers referral options on campus.

Brief Motivational Interviewing

Brief Motivational Interviewing is a way of talking to students and others to help them identify for themselves changes they need to make in their lives, and what the next steps may be to make those changes. We can offer your staff a 2-hour training to help you learn these effective techniques.

Class Presentations

If you would like one of our staff members to do a guest lecture for your class please contact us and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you empower Temple students to make healthy choices.

Request a Program

Certified HEART Peer Educators are available, through the Wellness Resource Center, to facilitate the programs described below.

Sexercise: Through this interactive program, college students learn how to practice safer sex methods (including demonstrations of three types of protection) as well as where to find resources to address sexual health concerns. You don't run a marathon without a good pair of shoes, and you don't start knockin' boots without protection!

Sex Jeopardy: Play a fun game of Jeopardy that provides college students with information on a variety of sexual health topics and addresses some of the myths surrounding sexuality and sexual behavior. The game is designed to help students have positive experiences, explore their options, and feel empowered when making decisions related to sexuality.

Nutrition and Fitness Jeopardy: Through a fun game of Jeopardy, students learn information on a variety of nutrition and fitness related topics! Put your knowledge to the test! Categories include ‘vitamins and minerals,’ ‘diseases and irritants,’ and ‘healthy campus!’

Alcohol 101: This program gives students the opportunity to understand the importance of responsible drinking at any age. We encourage students to decipher between alcohol related facts and myths and engage in prize winning activities which force students to think about theirs and their friends drinking habits.

Test Your Stress Smarts: This program provides students with information about stress at college through a fun, interactive presentation with multiple choice and true/false trivia questions. It focuses on causes, coping mechanisms, their pre-existing knowledge, and debunking “stress myths.”

HIV 101: A comprehensive and interactive way of learning about HIV/ AIDS. The basics, prevention, and testing information on HIV/AIDS are covered along with a fun Jeopardy game. The outcome is to learn the basics, know the facts, and take care of yourself.

Hooking Up: Through self-reflection, interactive polls, and group interaction, students will learn about hook-up culture on college campuses. By the end of the program, students will be able identify their own motivations for hooking up, know the risks associated with it, and learn how to better communicate with a partner.

Healthy Relationships: This program explores the variety of relationships encountered in college, how to use communication and conflict resolution techniques to foster healthy relationships, and how influences from the media affect perceptions of real-life relationships.

General Wellness Resource Center Information (FYE Courses ONLY)


Click here to request one of our certified peer educators to facilitate any of the above programs. We require a minimum of two weeks notice, and may not be available to fulfill all program requests.