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A department within Student Affairs

DRS Mission Statement/Overview

The purpose of the department can be summarized in its mission statement:

To advance Temple University's commitment to diversity and inclusion, Disability Resources and Services provides leadership to the university community to ensure that students with a disability have full access to the university experience.

In advancing this goal, DRS:

  • Arranges academic adjustments and accommodations as mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Works with the Temple community in enhancing campus accessibility.
  • Provides resource information and consultation to the entire Temple University community, including students, parents, faculty, and staff.
  • Acts as a liaison with regional groups involved with disability services to cultivate a broad range of resources for students.

How can DRS help you?

DRS works with students with a disability, faculty, administration and families in a variety of unique and innovative ways.


We work with students on identifying strategies and accommodations that allow students to participate fully in class and offer advice on other campus resources. Some students with a disability choose to take their examinations at DRS because they require extra time, a distraction-reduced space, assistive technology or other accommodations. We offer resources to assist with funding to cover costs related to attending Temple, such as tuition, housing, assistive technology, tutoring, books, medications and other disability-related expenses.


We support faculty by offering advice and guidance on how to make academic courses more accessible to students with a disability. We share information on inclusive technology use, inclusive teaching strategies, and general advice on supporting students with a disability. We are part of the team that works out innovative solutions with faculty and students to promote greater inclusion in university programs and services.


We work with departments to make their services more inclusive of students with a disability. This may involve offering technical advice, staff training or referral to other services that offer more targeted information or support. We design and deliver training programs and solutions for your department.


We understand that families of students with a disability play an important role in their student’s successful transition to higher education. Check out our families section for more on how we offer support during this exciting transition.