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A department within Student Affairs

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Disclosing Your Disability

Length: 8min., 25 sec.

In this video, learn what information professors need to know about how students are affected by their disability. Hear students talk about how disability plays a part in their identity. Watch professors respond to students as they disclose how their disability affects them in class.

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# Welcome to Disability Resources and Services

In this video, hear students and faculty members talk about their experiences and interactions with Disability Resources and Services.

#Introduction to Access TU

In this video, explore the themes of the Access TU videos. Hear students and professors talk about the value of self-advocacy. Watch students and professors actively participate in the accommodations process.

# Introducing yourself

In this video, learn how students approach their professors to disclose their disability and discuss their accommodations. Hear professors give feedback on the conversations they have with students. Watch students demonstrate how to start a conversation with a professor.

video-thumbnailClosing your conversation

In this video, watch students and professors summarize their conversation and confirm the accommodations they have agreed to. Hear students and professors talk about what they expect to take away from a successful conversation. Learn the importance of closing the conversation on good terms and following up throughout the semester.

#Requesting an accommodation

In this video, watch students and professors make arrangements for various classroom and testing accommodations. Hear students describe the techniques they use to talk about accommodations with their professors.