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A department within Student Affairs

Invest in Student Success

Why support Temple students with a disability?

Temple University students with a disability perform at the same level academically as their non-disabled peers. They have the same academic and life goals as every other student; however, many students with a disability have multiple additional challenges to overcome in order to be successful.

The Department of Disability Resources and Services works diligently to support and encourage students with a disability to achieve their academic potential. Many students need financial support to advance to graduation and onward to employment. Funding from this endowment will be used by students to cover costs such as tuition, books/materials, technology, travel costs, medications, physical therapy, personal care assistants, etc.

We understand what it takes for students to achieve their academic goals; it takes hard work on the students’ part and financial support from people who care, people like you.

Be part of their success. Invest in our students by giving to one of our endowments or talk to us about establishing an endowment.

Navigate through the links on the right and allow us to guide you through the process of investing in the success of our students.