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A department within Student Affairs

Personal Services

Personal Care Attendant Services

As the university does not offer personal attendant services, students are encouraged to locate appropriate personal service providers independently. For more involved personal care needs, students usually make arrangements through agencies or private contacts. Students are responsible for managing their attendantís schedule and adhering to the universityís visitation and guest policies. Scheduling admittance to the residence halls for 24-hour attendants can be coordinated through the University Housing and Residential Life and DRS.

Service Animals

Note: This policy is currently under review.

Temple University and DRS recognize the need for students with a disability to occasionally use trained service animals. Students who require the use of service animals are encouraged to discuss specific needs and services with DRS professional staff and Resident Directors prior to starting classes.

A "service animal" is defined as any animal specifically trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. This includes, but is not limited to, guiding persons with restricted vision, alerting those who have hearing loss to the presence of intruders, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.

Students using a service animal are responsible for the animalís behavior. Service animals must comply with leash laws and be controlled by the student at all times. The student is ultimately responsible for the cleanliness, grooming and health of the animal, as well as ensuring that proper vaccinations are current, and taking responsibility for the proper disposal of all waste. If the service animal's behavior is disruptive, aggressive or destructive, the student will be held responsible and may be asked to remove the animal from campus. Residential students who use service animals should meet with the Resident Director before the start of the semester to discuss procedures for appropriate management, especially since pets and other animals, such as therapy dogs, are not permitted in the Residence Halls. The university reserves the right to request and obtain proper documentation to ensure compliance with these requirements.