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A department within Student Affairs

Project ROUTE

The main campus of Temple University is comprised of 117 buildings and spans a total of 115 acres. This creates a genuine challenge for many members of the campus community, especially for students with visual or mobility impairments. The Office of Facilities Management, Computer Services, Creative Services (Web Design), Space Management and Disability Resources and Services seek to implement a wayfinding system that will address this area of mutual concern.

We seek to deliver a fully ADA compliant web-based wayfinding system for Temple University. The system will offer directions throughout external areas of main campus as well as within most buildings directing people to key offices and departments. This initiative will enable greater independence of all visitors and members of the Temple Community, especially those with a disability navigating Temple’s Main Mampus. Following successful implementation of this initiative, we may seek to replicate the project on all Temple University Campuses.

The system proposed for Temple will outline parking, entrances, elevators, help desks, occupants, building function, accessible bathrooms and other key characteristics. Project will launch October 2010. Return to Projects page