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A department within Student Affairs

Eye to Eye - New Student Organization

Wins “Best New Student Organization” Award from Temple University!

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) May 22, 2014 - It was announced recently that Eye to Eye, a new student run organization at Temple University, won the prestigious award of “Best New Student Organization.” There were 53 new student organizations started during the 2013-2014 school year, and Eye to Eye was the organization that was most successful in the opinion of the office of Student Activities. Eye to Eye was started by Temple undergraduate students Matthew Cahill and Holly Mainero.

This past year Eye to Eye partnered with the Clymer Elementary School in North Philadelphia in a mentorship program. The Chapter was such a success it has expanded to include a second school, Grover Cleveland School in the fall.

The mentors were students from Temple University with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders (LD and AD/HD), the mentees were students at the elementary school who also have LD and AD/HD. Through Eye to Eye, both the mentors and mentees grew tremendously. The mentees learned new self-advocacy skills and ways to build self awareness. They also learned many important things about living with LD and AD/HD, how they individually process information and learn best. All of these skills will help the mentees to succeed in their future endeavors.

The mentors, even though they sought to be of help to the mentees, also learned and grew immensely. The mentors also built self confidence which is key for anyone to succeed. They also learned new skills such as running a successful organization, sticking to their commitments and fulfilling their passions. All of these skills are key to fulfilling their own future educational and career goals.

Consider joining Eye to Eye in the coming semester. You do not need to have a LD or AD/HD in order to be a part of Eye to Eye. There are many opportunities available for anyone to serve in this organization. Are you a marketing major? Consider helping to market Eye to Eye to the University. Are you in event planning? Consider helping Eye to Eye plan the events for the organization. All of these things can help you grow personally and make a difference in the life of a child that might otherwise be overlooked.

Contact: Matthew Cahill

Temple Student Krystan Lenhard wins the AWM and Loreen Arbus Foundation(s) Focus on Disability Scholarship

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation engaged in a partnership with The Loreen Arbus Foundation to focus on the needs, achievements, contributions and stories of citizens with disabilities. The Loreen Arbus Foundation Focus on Disability Scholarship is to be given to aspiring student television and filmmakers. This year’s theme is My Voice, My Time. Ms. Lenhard submitted a creative writing piece focusing on the challenges and triumphs that come with living with a disability.

Eye to Eye Mentoring Program

A nationwide mentoring program that pairs children who grow up with a learning disability or ADD/HD with college or high school students who have a similar diagnosis.

DRS in the Press: Temple Review Coverage of DRS

The spring edition of the Temple Review, a magazine for alumni and friends of Temple University, features a cover story titled "All-Inclusive Education" which explores the contributions that the Disability Resources and Services department and students with a disability have made to the Temple community. Highlighting the experiences of several students, the article describes some of the many ways DRS supports and advocates for students, including academic accommodations, campus accessibility, technological innovation, and job preparation. A related article covers the new Joshua A. Winheld/Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship Fund, created in honor of Joshua Winheld, a Temple graduate who died in 2009 after a long battle with muscular dystrophy.

Read the full article on the Temple Review online

Vocational Rehabilitation

State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies provide a wide variety of services to assist people with disabilities secure gainful employment. Many students who experience significant disability-related financial need find relief from their state vocational rehabilitation agency. To locate the agency that serves your home state, please consult the vocational rehabilitation website.