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A department within Student Affairs

Project EDIT

Project EDIT is an innovative pilot program in post-secondary education funded by the Verizon Foundation. It brings together 15 Temple faculty members enthusiastic about excellence in teaching and learning – particularly about meeting the learning needs of all students and taking advantage of their diverse abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. Over the course of 2009/10, this multi-disciplinary group will form a diverse learning community through participation in training activities, observation of one another’s classes, online discussion, reflection, and collaboration on how to meet the challenges of inclusive teaching in concrete situations.

During the Fall 2009, participants attended workshops on such topics as, strategies for inclusive teaching, effective use of instructional technologies and how to use multiple means to present course content. Therefore, engaging students, assessing their learning, and how to cultivate a positive and comfortable learning environment. Group members will experiment with techniques and strategies to improve upon what they already do. Their goal for the Spring 2010 will be to construct courses that are maximally accessible to diverse learners, and consequently, fun and gratifying for everyone involved.

Throughout this potentially transformative process, the program participants will have access to the support and expertise of various university programs, including Disability Resources and Services, the Teaching and Learning Center, Instructional Support Services, Measurement and Research Center, Writing Center and Temple Libraries. To provide additional support, the project coordinator will be available for one-on-one consultation throughout the program.

Project Edit - Final Report

Project Edit - Synopsis

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