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A department within Student Affairs

Access TU

Project Access TU will develop and assess the preliminary effectiveness of a web-based video intervention program delivered through Blackboard to teach students with a disability how to request academic accommodations of their instructors. Access TU is a collaborative project between the Special Education Program in the College of Education and Disability Resources and Services. Access TU features four video units with students from Temple University who describe self-advocacy strategies. In the units, students discuss the legal rights of individuals with a disability, critical aspects of how to disclose a disability, how to request an appropriate accommodation, and how to use effective communication strategies with their instructors. The units accompany survey questions to assess (a) students' satisfaction with the program, including their perceptions of its usability and universal design components; and (b) the degree to which self-advocacy skills are enhanced as a function of the units.

The project is important in at least two critical ways. First, it will directly benefit students with a disability who attend Temple University by teaching self-advocacy skills through an accessible, universally designed program. Second, it will contribute to the technology of self-advocacy that benefits the field of higher education generally and students with a disability specifically. 
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