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A department within Student Affairs

Project ATTIC

Temple University Computer Services Department and Disability Resources and Services (DRS) have successfully implemented a number of projects aimed at delivering assistive technology (AT) to students with a disability in many computer laboratory facilities across campus. Assistive technology plays a very significant role in the educational experience of students with a disability, and it greatly supports their access to learning. The key fundamentals in the provision of assistive technology are:

  1. Professional assessment/identification of need.

  2. Prompt provision of assistive technology.

  3. Extensive training, back-up and support.

Temple University has previously delivered substantially on numbers 1 and 2 listed above; however, in order to get maximum benefit from the investment to date in this area, DRS needed to provide an AT training and support service for the AT users on campus to enable them to fully utilize the assistive technology to increase their access to learning in Temple University.

This technology is housed in DRS offices and involves a specially designed and resourced training facility to provide students with dedicated one-on-one and small group training from our AT Coordinator. Project ATTIC – Assistive Technology Training and Information Center, provides an environment that respects the student’s right to confidentiality and deliver crucial training and support to enable students to maximize the potential of AT in their academic learning.
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