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A department within Student Affairs

Testing Procedures

Student Responsibilities

  • Give your professor your accommodation letter as soon as you receive it in your Temple email account.
  • Initiate discussions with your professor about your exam accommodations. For an example of how to manage this discussion watch the Access TU videos.
  • Collaborate with your professor to complete the test administration form.
  • Submit the completed test administration form to DRS at least seven (7) business days in advance of test date. DRS staff will not accept incomplete test administration forms.
  • Arrive at the scheduled time to begin the test. If you are late, the amount of time will be deducted from your overall extended time.
  • Abide by policies related to academic integrity and academic misconduct as outlined in the university Code of Conduct.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with your student to complete the DRS test administration form.
  • Submit the test to DRS three (3) business days before the test date by emailing If you need to make alternative arrangements, please contact DRS.
  • Notify DRS in advance if you require an extension to the test delivery deadline.
  • Contact DRS by telephone (215-204-1280) or email ( to notify your student of changes to test content prior to or during tests.
  • Consider being available by telephone or email during the test should the student with a disability require clarification on any aspect of the test. Please provide the best contact method to the student.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with faculty to ensure that all tests we proctor are administered in an environment respectful of the studentsí needs and the academic integrity of the testing process.
  • Meet with the student and make disability-related testing recommendations via accommodation letters available in a timely manner.
  • Respond to all requests for clarification about our testing procedures within 24 business hours of receipt of inquiry.
  • Ensure that all test materials are provided to students in accessible format.
  • Protect the academic integrity of tests by:
    • Only accepting complete test administration forms.
    • Only accepting changes to test administration forms in writing from faculty.
    • Ensuring that students do NOT deliver their own tests to or from DRS.
    • Providing secure proctoring services.
    • Reporting any suspicion of violations of the Code of Conduct to appropriate faculty.
  • Provide one option for return of tests to faculty within 24 hours of completion (provided we have accurate information):
    • Email to faculty TUmail account. Please note: Blue book exams will not be emailed.
    • Faculty or a designated colleague may pick up tests from DRS. Under NO circumstance can students return their own exams to professors.