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A department within Student Affairs

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is any hardware, software, or piece of equipment that is commonly used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with a disability.

Assistive technology benefits anyone who:

  • Has difficulty in using a mouse or keyboard.
  • Has difficulty with language, auditory or visual processing.
  • Cannot access information online because of a disability.
  • Has pain or discomfort when computing.
  • Has difficulty taking notes in class or completing written assignments

Assistive technology offered at Temple

Temple University strives to offer assistive technology universally throughout its campuses.


  • JAWS - screen reader
  • Read and Write - text to speech
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - speech to text
  • Whitesmoke - spelling and grammar check
  • MAGic - screen enlargement


  • Braille displays - displays text on computer screen to braille
  • CCTVs - camera to enlarge print
  • Digital recorders and Livescribe - electronic recording device
  • FM Listening System - sound ampliphier
  • Dana Wireless Note Takers - word processors
  • Victor Readers - reads Daisy CDs
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • iPads

Some equipment is available through short-term trial loans through DRS. Speak to your DRS Coordinator for more information.

Assistive technology acquisition

If you believe you may benefit from assistive technology, contact Disability Resources and Services for more information and to schedule an appointment with our Assistive Technology Coordinator, Naomi Leibowitz at:
215-204-1280 (Voice)
215-204-1786 (TTY)

After meeting with our Assistive Technology Coordinator, an appropriate accommodation will be determined and any necessary technology may be loaned to you or installed in a specific departmental computer lab.