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A department within Student Affairs

Accommodation Letters

What is an accommodation letter and how do I get one?

  • An accommodation letter is an official document that you give to your professors so that they know how to support you in the classroom.
  • During your intake meeting, you and your DRS Coordinator will discuss your individual needs and determine appropriate reasonable accommodations.
  • After your intake meeting, you can log on to MyDRS to send, view and print your accommodation letters.
  • We recommend that you meet with each of your professors and engage in a discussion about your needs. For an example of how to handle this discussion, watch the Access TU videos.
  • It is important to submit your documentation in a timely manner. Any delays may affect your accommodations.
  • Professors will not retroactively provide academic accommodations in situations where students did not submit their accommodation letters.
  • Essential requirements of a course will not be changed for any student.
  • If your needs change, your accommodation letter can be modified as well. Contact your DRS Coordinator to discuss your needs.