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A department within Student Affairs

Course Considerations

Course Substitutions for Foreign Language

If you are experiencing extreme difficulty in foreign languages directly related to your disability, you should meet with your DRS Coordinator to discuss alternatives and procedures. Your current documentation and academic history must support the need for this substitution. Approval through the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies is required for substitutions.

Course substitutions for foreign language should be considered if the following apply:

  • The disability directly restricts your ability to fulfill this requirement toward graduation.
  • A substitution will not violate the integrity or essential function of the academic program.
  • No other effective accommodation can be found.

Quantitative Literacy

With the advent of the General Education curriculum, the university offers Quantitative Literacy classes that are multidisciplinary in nature and accessible to students who have a history of deficits in mathematics. If you are a student who has specific concerns about fulfilling math-related requirements, you should contact DRS to discuss appropriate accommodations.