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A department within Student Affairs

Academic Resources

Academic Advising

Although DRS staff members can make suggestions or give advice about classes, students need to go to their school or college's academic advising center for final decisions regarding their schedules. At their schools/colleges, students can gain information about what classes might be best, what requirements are still needed, and whether they should add or drop classes.


The Honors Program offers high-academic achievers with more individual advising, smaller classes, different academic opportunities, leadership development, and a strong sense of community.

Library Services

Library Services offers students help with research, accessing print and online materials as well as media services.

The Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC)

The MSRC offers assistance to students looking for tutoring in math, science, statistics and other quantitative courses. Tutoring is open to all students and is free.

The Russell Conwell Center (RCC)

The Russell Conwell Center offers a variety of services to students seeking academic support, leadership development and employment opportunities. Every semester, they hold a variety of workshops relating to time management, stress management and different learning styles.


The DRS staff can refer you to a variety of places on campus such as the MSRC, the RCC, and the Writing Center, but we do not provide tutoring in our center.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers help to both undergraduate and graduate students with writing papers, theses and even dissertations. The staff offers face-to-face tutoring, email tutoring, writing workshops, and in-center seminars.