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Final Report of the Off-Campus
Student Behaviors and Concerns Task Force

On behalf of the Community and Student Off-Campus Issues and Concerns Task Force it is our pleasure to make public our final report.

The task force was charged with developing recommendations to address and resolve the issues stemming from the dramatic growth and resulting density of student residents in the neighborhoods surrounding Temple’s main campus and many uncivil, unsafe, and disrespectful student behaviors that have risen with this increase. In September 2011, then-President Ann Weaver Hart asked the task force to develop strategies to improve the campus climate and provide suggestions for effective programs and services. As requested, the task force presented their findings in January 2012.

The linked report summarizes the task force’s findings and recommendations. The report includes:
  • A description and analysis of the concerns.
  • Recommendations for addressing the impact of the increase in students living in surrounding neighborhoods on the permanent residents of the community.
  • Appendices which include relevant data, reports, and other background documents.

The members of the task force have my gratitude and respect for the true commitment and contribution they made during this long and intensive effort. The diverse perspectives they offered demonstrates the dedication and insightfulness of each member. The resulting report has the full endorsement of the membership and we hope that their work will be carefully considered.


Dr. Stephanie Ives, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students