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Group Counseling

A number of psychotherapy groups led by professional staff are offered each year at Tuttleman Counseling Services. TCS groups can be a powerful way to address personal concerns while getting support and feedback from peers who are also in the group.

Referral / Screening Process: Prospective/interested students, who are currently enrolled at the university, will be referred to groups by a current clinician or a clinician during the Walk-in Clinic (a group screening appointment will be made).  A group facilitator will meet with the student during this screening appointment to determine a mutual fit between the group and the student.


Description of Groups (Fall 2014 /Spring 2015 Semesters)


Body Image Support Group

Description: This group is intended to allow students a place to process their thoughts and emotions related to negative body image and disordered eating.  The group is appropriate for students currently struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or eating disorder NOS, students who are in recovery from any eating disorder, and students who have concerns about their relationship with food, eating or body shape/size.  Group members are asked to receive and offer support and feedback, respect the privacy of other students, and commit to attending the group weekly.  Medical stability is also a requirement for the group.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Tuesdays, 2:30-3:45 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Paige Marmer, Psy.D., and Katharine Steiner, M.A.


Dissertation Support Group

Description: This is a support group for doctoral candidates from any field who are struggling with the dissertation process. It includes students who have not had their proposal accepted yet to those who are in the last stages of the process. Issues discussed range from personal relationships to practical suggestions for moving ahead with the process.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Tuesdays, 3:00-4:20 pm

Group Facilitator(s): John DiMino, Ph.D., and George James, M.F.T., L.M.F.T.


Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Group

Description: This group is for students concerned about their use of alcohol and/or other substances, and the way their use is interfering in their lives.  Students in this group may want help and support in cutting back or stopping their use, and others may be coming for support in maintaining previously made changes.  The only requirements for this group are that a student not use before group and that he/she/they acknowledge that alcohol and/or other substances have had negative consequences in his/her/their life.  It is extremely important that students be able to commit every week to attending this group.

Semester(s): Fall and spring semesters

Time: Tuesdays, 2:30-4:00 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Amanda Jamison, Psy.D., and Kayleigh Summers, B.A.


Social Anxiety/Shyness Group

Description: A Process-Oriented Group for Students Who Want to Learn About Techniques to Decrease Social Anxiety and Shyness

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Tuesdays, 5:00-6:15 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Abe Zubarev, M.A., Ed.M., M.S.S.W., L.C.S.W.


LBTQ Women's Group


Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Tuesdays, 5:00-6:15 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Jennifer Leslie, Psy.D.


Trans* & Gender Non-Conforming Students Group

Description: This is a group for students who self-identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gender-questioning, and/or as gender minorities.  The group will focus on individuals whose experiences of their gender(s) are outside of what is typically expected in our society.  Students at all stages of identity exploration and expression are welcome.  The group will be supportive in nature, allowing students to connect and share their experiences.  Topics covered in group may include, but are not limited to: gender identity exploration, coming out, accessing social support, building community, navigating Temple as a trans* and/or gender non-conforming student, and physical/social/legal transition.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Tristan Guarini, Ph.D., and Natalie Sheridan, Psy.D.


Surviving Trauma (SACE)

Description:This group is available for female identified survivors of sexual violence, including those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, or experiences of sexual assault as an adult.  This group gives students a confidential space to discuss the impact of these experiences and to provide validation and encouragement for positive self-care and empowerment.  The direction of discussion will be determined by the group members each week and topics may include the dynamics of sexual violence, emotional experiences, relationships, trust, boundaries, relationship with self, and the (re)claiming of safety.  Every group member will have the opportunity to share and participate at the level at which they feel most comfortable.

Semester(s): Fall and spring semesters

Time: Wednesdays, 5:00-6:15 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Cynthia Closs, DSW, LCSW, and Rachel LeMay, M.A.


Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning Men's Group

Description: The purpose of this group is to explore common issues of GBTQ men including coming out, dating, sexuality, discrimination and personal growth. Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer or Questioning men are encouraged to attend.  

Semester(s): Fall and spring semesters

Time: Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Chris Grundy, Psy.D.


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Group

Description: This 4-week series is designed to take you on a journey through the practices and principles of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is about paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and without judgment. It is about learning how to live in the present moment without being lost in the memories of the past or preoccupied by concerns or projections of the future. The group is designed to educate students on how to understand and manage the psychological stressors of one's life through a mindfulness lens. Formal meditation practices that will be introduced include: Deep breathing, sitting meditation, the body scan, guided imagery and mindful walking and eating.

Semester(s): Fall 2013 (4 weeks)

Time: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Galen Smith Born, MSS, LSW


Asian Women/Asian American Women’s Forum

Description: Join the dialogue!  This is a group for Asian Women/Asian American Women to offer and receive support from each other by sharing your experiences of balancing academics, interpersonal relationships, family, and interests in a university setting.  Topics may include, but are not limited to: value conflicts, identity, family roles, pressure for academic success, choosing major/career based on interests vs family expectations, peer relationships, stereotypes, discrimination, and stigma associate with counseling.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Wednesdays, 5:15-6:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Alia Bajwa, M.D., and Ai Ikunaga, Psy.D.


Coping with the Loss of a Loved One (Bereavement)

Description: This group is designed to provide a safe space for students who are grieving the death of a loved one. Each meeting will offer students the opportunity to share their personal stories of loss while receiving the support of fellow group members. The group will address expectations of the grief process, coping skills and self-care, and common responses to loss such as anger, sadness, loneliness, confusion, and guilt. We ask that members be able to commit to weekly meetings, maintain the confidentiality of things shared by other members, and be open to share experiences of loss and to listen to others who have experienced a loss.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Beth Jellinek, LPC, and Christina Lecker, M.Ed.


Experiential Process Group

Description: This group is a largely unstructured group experience where members have the opportunity to learn more about themselves as well as develop greater empathy for others.  Each week the discussion will touch on issues that arise within the group as well as those which arise from the outside lives of the participants.  This experiential group is designed to be safe space where members can try out new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating to each other, while receiving support and feedback from others.  Topics of discussion may include relationships, spirituality, sexuality, identity, family, and future aspirations to name a few.  Opportunities will arise for student to verbalize their thoughts and learn to label and discuss their emotions and feelings as they relate to topics of group discussion.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Jason Hart, Psy.D., and Jennifer Leslie, Psy.D.


Adult Children of Alcoholics and Substance Abusers Group

Description: This group is for students who have grown up in a family system in which alcohol or drugs played a significant role. This group will give students a place to discuss and explore the impact these experiences have had on different aspects of their lives. Issues related to self-esteem, addiction, unwanted roles, and dysfunctional relationships amongst others will be open to discussion.  Students will have the opportunity to learn in the here and now how past experiences shape current perceptions, expectations, and relationships. The goal is that students will have the opportunity to help others and themselves to be free from patterns of relating or behaving that feel burdensome.

Semester(s): Fall and spring semesters

Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:15 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Steven Hulcher, Psy.D., and Tara Jordan, B.A.


Interpersonal Process Group

Description: The Interpersonal Process Group provides an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and others in a safe environment.  The group is a place for students to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in interpersonal relationships, and to examine some of the experiences and challenges that brought them in to seek counseling.  Group members are encouraged to identify what is most important to them and to participate and share with the group at their own pace.

By participating in the group, members can get valuable feedback about how they are perceived or experienced by others.  This interaction gives group members an opportunity to try out and learn new ways of relating with others.  Group members are also often helpful to one another at exploring issues by providing new perspectives and insights.

The group will consist of 8-10 students and two therapists.  The content of the group sessions is confidential; what members talk about or disclose is not discussed outside the group.

Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Bjorg Hermansdottir, Ph.D., and Matthew Jezzi, M.S.


ADHD Support Group

Description: College can be a time of new experiences and discovery. It can also be stressful. This stress can be magnified if you struggle with symptoms of ADHD. The purpose of this group is to help students learn positive and healthy ways of managing their symptoms as well as developing strategies to assist in how they experience college life academically as well as personally. Topics to include: Time Management, Study Skills, Stress Management, The Stigma of ADHD and more.

Semester(s): Fall and spring semesters

Time: Fridays, 1:00-2:30 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Clyde Beverly, III, Ph.D., and Yiqing Miao, M.S.


Social Skill Building Group


Semester(s): Fall semester

Time: Fridays, 2:30-4:00 pm

Group Facilitator(s): Clyde Beverly, III, Ph.D.




Temple Student Recovery Meeting

Description: This is a weekly Recovery Meeting led by students for students.  This meeting is open to students with concerns about their use of alcohol and other substances, and who are either in or interested in the support of 12-Step Recovery.

Time: Thursdays, 6:00 pm

Location: Morgan Hall South, Room 253