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Social Anxiety

The following links contain information about social anxiety and include some self help tips for overcoming your social anxiety - Social Anxiety Disorder

This site includes information on symptoms of both social anxiety and social phobia. It also includes information on finding treatment and self help tips.

Shy No Longer: Online Workbook for Social Anxiety

This workbook is designed to provide you with some information about social anxiety and suggested strategies for how you can mange your anxiety in social situations.

Tips on making friends at college


Public Speaking Fear: Fight of Flight & Peripheral Vision - Tom Breeze


Philadelphia Shy and Socially Anxious Meet up

Support group for people who suffer from shyness or social phobia. Their primary goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where members may share thoughts, emotions, experiences and resources. They arrange monthly social outings like community events, restaurants, movies, museums, amusement parks etc...

Interested individuals must register online at Once registered on the website all the information gets sent to the members about how to use the site along with all the upcoming events.

Free of charge.