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The following information can help you cope with anxiety and identify the causes of your anxiety.

Worrying Online Workbook

A workbook to help you control your anxiety

Health Anxiety Online Workbook

Overcoming Health Anxiety Workbook - Anxiety

General anxiety information and self help tips

Graduation Anxiety (Video)

Many college graduates have an intese fear about their future. This video advises students on what they can do to cope with these fears

How to Cope with Exam Stress (Video)

A student sits down with a professor to discuss how to cope with exam stress

Simple Solutions for College Students to Deal with Stress and Get Better Sleep (Video)

This video provides simple solutions on how to manage stress and enhance your quality of sleep

Anxiety Videos

This site contains thirteen stories (each are about two minute clips) regarding symptoms and treatments for anxiety, panic attacks, negative body image, and depression

5 Steps to Relieve Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Stress with Mark Sing (Video)

This video discusses five techniques on how to relieve anxiety, panic attacks, and stress

Relaxing Videos

I Give Up- Elijah Bossenbroek

Please - Elijah Bossenbroek

Ignorance - Elijah Bossenbroek

Anxiety Smart Phone Applications

Search for these applications on your Iphone or Android

Panic Control by Therapy by Design- designed to help people who suffer from panic attacks in the moments before, during, and after an episode. iphone App ($1.99)

Social Anxiety Support by Neowave Media- social anxiety application iphone or Android App (Free)

Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help by Excel at Life- Learn to control panic and anxiety. Andriod App (Free)

eCBT Calm by MindApps- Helps people who are feeling stressed and want to learn relaxation skills. It will asses your stress level, provide relaxation skills and also include links to online resources for stress and anxiety. iphone App ($0.99)

The Reality of Anxiety Blog

Includes: inspirational quotes/videos, tips for coping, various relevant topics such as going on vacation, monthly Skype support groups ($2.00 to participate)

Learn How to Stop Panic Attacks and Live Free Again Blog

Shares personal experiences and helpful ways she has found to deal with anxiety

Panic Blog

Eric Wilinski writes from a male persepctive on anxiety, depression, perfectionism, mental health in the workplace, and managing panic through social networking

Don't Be Shy Blog

This is a blog about shyness and anxiety that may result. Other topics include: how to deal with rejection, tips on how to deal with frustration that can accompany shyness, tips on how to act in certain situations, and coversation tips


e-couch provides information about emotional problems - what causes them, how to prevent them and how to treat them. It includes exercises to help you understand yourself and others better. Even better, it provides you with a set of strategies that might help you to improve your life

Adult Anxiety Clinic - Temple University

Located on 1701 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121 (419 Weiss Hall)

Phone: (215) 204-1575

The research based clinic is mainly involved in treating people with social or generalized anxiety. There are also current studies that people will be able to take part in because it's affiliated with Temple's clinical psychology doctoral program.


The Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center

Located on 112 Bala Avenue in Bala cynwyd, PA 19004

Phone: 610-667-6490

Treatments are available for adults, adolescents and children for agoraphobia, panic disorder, obessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and chronic illnesses. They offer three support groups where clients can connect with others facing similar challenges.

Anxiety and panic program

biweekly on monday 6:30pm-8:00pm

OCD Program

Biweekly on Wednesday 7:00pm-8:30pm

Both are free of charge