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Men's Lacrosse

TU Mens lacrosse group

The Temple Men’s Lacrosse Club participates each year in the National Collegiate Lacrosse League, and competes against such clubs as Villanova, Drexel and LaSalle.

Prospective Players

Newcomers interested in playing at a competitive level are encouraged to attend.

Click Here to complete a Prospective Player Form.

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Practice Day/Time: Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Practice Location:  Geasy Turf (N)

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Goals Saves
Feb. 4 Villanova 8:30pm W 3-2 Karpinski, Scannapieco, Malloy O'Donnell (W, 5), Pagni (3)
Feb. 27 Shippensburg 8:00pm W 9-0 Karten, Berkelbach, Flynn, Kajmo, Fattizzi, McKay, Johnston, Malloy, Karpinski O'Donnell (W, 5), McKenna (2), Pagni (2)
Mar. 15 Delaware 2:00pm W 9-2 Malloy (3), Scannapieco (2), Walker, McKay, Karpinski, Karten O'Donnell (W, 7), McKenna (3)
Mar. 21 West Chester -- W 13-2 Karpinski (3), Flynn (3), Sivel (2), Karten (2), Johnston, O'Brein, Scannapieco O'Donnell (W, 4), McKenna (4), Pagni (1)
Mar. 27 Beltway Bash vs. Niagara -- W 8-1 Malloy (2), Karpinski, Flynn, Karten, Sivel, Scannapieco, Reilly McKenna (W, 5), Pagni (1)
Mar. 28 Beltway Bash vs. Radford -- W 10-1 Flynn (3), Fonda (2), Kajmo (2), Scannapieco, Malloy, Reilly O'Donnell (W, 1)
Mar. 28 Beltway Bash vs. Lynchburg -- W 5-4 (OT) Sivel (2), Berkelbach, Karten, Kajmo McKenna (W, 3), O'Donnell (3)
Mar. 29 Beltway Bash vs. Penn -- Semifinals: W 6-4 Scannapieco (2), Berkelbach, Sivel, Karten, O'Brein O'Donnell (W, 8), McKenna (5)
Mar. 29 Beltway Bash vs. UMBC -- Finals: W 6-4 Flynn (2), Kajmo (2), Berkelbach, Sivel  O'Donnell (W, 6), McKenna (3)
Apr. 7 Williamson 7:00pm      
Apr. 12 St. Joseph's 1:00pm      
Apr. 18 Hofstra TBD      
Apr. 18 Princeton TBD      
Apr. 19 Penn State 2:30pm      
Apr. 19 Rutgers 4:00pm      


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For more information or to join Men's Lacrosse, please contact:

President: Julian Freedman

Vice President: Christian McCaffrey-Sinel

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National College Lacrosse League

National College Lacrosse League

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Club Photos

Lacrosse player during game TU Mens Lacrosse
TU Mens Lacrosse TU Mens Lacrosse
TU Mens Lacrosse TU Mens Lacrosse
TU Mens Lacrosse TU Mens Lacrosse
TU Mens Lacrosse TU Mens Lacrosse


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