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                                             Campus Rec News 9/13 - 9/19

Facility Update: All facilities are open and will follow the Fall 2014 facility schedule. Click the Informal Recreation tab on the left-hand side and then click Informal Recreation Schedule for the facility hours.

Intramurals: Registration for High-Competition, Low-Competition, and Women’s Basketball begins on Monday, September 15th. Please visit www.imleagues/temple to register your team!

Flag Football play also begins on Monday, September 15th. Make sure to come and support your friends as they aim for the coveted crown of intramural champion!

Outdoor Soccer play begins Tuesday, September 16th. If you still have a case of World Cup Fever, make sure to come out and see your friends show their skills as they aim for a championship of their own!

Program Update: If you are interested in meeting new people and enjoy playing volleyball, badminton, or table tennis, stop by Net Night this Friday, September 19th from 7:00 - 10:00PM at the Pearson and McGonigle Halls 3rd Floor Rec Courts!

Are you looking for a way to beat the heat, but still want a strong cardiovascular workout? If so, then stop by Pearson Pool 30 located in the basement of the Pearson and McGonigle Halls. Log the length of your swim after each workout; complete 20 miles by the end of the semester and receive a Campus Recreation prize! Visit the pool during any open swim hours to participate throughout the semester. Open swim hours can be found by visiting

If you haven’t already, please remember to sign-up for the Mezzanine REWARDS card so that you are eligible to receive prizes based on attendance and the completion of fitness challenges. Each REWARDS card is valid for one semester and can be redeemed at the Front Desk of the 2nd Floor Fitness Mezzanine in Pearson and McGonigle Halls.

Healthy Tip: If your workout has stagnated and you are feeling bored and unmotivated when lifting weights, try these 11 simple tips. They will help add variation to weight-lifting routine to help get you motivated and excited for your trips to the gym. Check them out by clicking this link: