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Study Abroad Opportunities for
Students of Spanish and Portuguese


Temple University’s summer study abroad programs allow you to use the world as your classroom. Students choose to study abroad during the summer for a variety of reasons. Many have academic requirements that do not allow them to spend an entire semester abroad. Some students want to improve their language skills, while others seek to experience daily life in another country. Finally, many students participate in short-term summer programs early in their college education, and then spend a semester or year abroad as juniors or seniors.

Brazil: Portuguese Language & Afro-Brazilian Culture
For students with a background or interest in Portuguese, Spanish, African-American studies, Latin American studies, music, dance, or art. Undergraduate credit available.

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Puerto Rico: Exchange Program
Through a reciprocal exchange agreement with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Temple undergraduates can exchange places with UPR undergraduates and spend a period studying at UPR. The Exchange Program offers the option to study at the University of Puerto Rico for one semester, either Fall or Spring, or for a full academic year. Application Deadline: March 1 for study in the following academic year (students accepted on a rolling-admissions basis)

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Oviedo, Spain: Spring Semester Program

Program Director: Dr. Jaime Durán

Academic Advisor: Dr. José Pereiro Otero

This program offers students the opportunity to study in Oviedo, Spain for the spring semester. The program is comprised of coursework in Spanish language, literature, culture, art, and film. Undergraduate credit available. Application Deadline: September 12 for spring 2014 (students accepted on a rolling-admissions basis)

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Students may also choose to study on a non-Temple program run by another institution. Interested students should speak to an advisor in International Programs.

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Other study abroad opportunities in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking locations are available through the Latin American Studies Department, CIBER of Temple’s Fox School of Business and Management, and Temple's Online Learning Program.

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