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C. Christopher Soufas
416 Anderson Hall

Christopher SoufasPhD, Duke University
Professor of Spanish


Research Interests

Early Contemporary Spanish Literature
European Modernism
Visual-Verbal Interrelationships

Most Recent Publications


The Subject in Question: Early Contemporary Spanish Literature and Modernism.  Washington,

D. C.: Catholic U of America P, 2007.

Paperback edition, 2009 ; E-book edition, 2009

Guest Editor, Special Issue. Modernism and Spain, Anales de la literatura española contemporánea 35 (2010).

Subject, Structure, and Imagination in the Spanish Discourse of Modernity, manuscript under consideration at a university press.

Earlier books published by Wesleyan University Press and University of Alabama Press.



"Benavente and the Spanish Discourse on Theater." Hispanic Review 68 (2000): 147-59.

"Lorca and Artaud: Parallel Developments of a Modernist Mise-en-scène." Bucknell Review 45 (2001): 191-206.

"Julius Petersen and the Construction of the Spanish Literary Generation." Bulletin of Spanish Studies 79 (2002): 247-62.

"Lorca's Servants, the Audience, and Stage Authority." Hecho Teatral (Montreal) 2 (2003); 81-97.

"Force and the New Subjectivity: Charting Spanish Modernism." Modernisme(s) in de Europese Letterkunde. Ed. Jan Baetens, Sjef Houppermans, Peter Liebregts. Louvain: U of Louvain-Peeters, 2003: 165-88.

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"Endings and Aftermaths: Lorca's Allusions to Radical Theater Reform." Hecho Teatral 8 (2008): 153-71.

"Modernist Hieroglyphics: Reading, Hearing, and the Manufacture of Being in Aleixandre's Pasión de la tierra." Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 43 (2009): 251-69.

“Modernism and Spain: Spanish Criticism at the Crossroads.”  Anales de la literatura española contemporánea 35 (2010): 7-16.

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"The Inverted Conquest:  The Myth of Modernity and the Transatlantic Onset of Modernism."  Anales de la literatura española contemporánea 37 (2012): 270-73.

"Rafael Alberti's Post-Albertian Epistemology: `Velázquez' as Self-Consuming Artifact and Art-Historical Criticism,” Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, v. 286.  Ed. Lawrence Trudeau. Stamford, Conn.: Cengage Learning, 2013. 42-46.

“Modernism and the New Spain.” Hispanófila, forthcoming.

Earlier scholarly articles have also appeared in: PMLA, MLN, Word & Image,

Teaching Interests

Classroom teaching and scholarship are not separate categories for me. I have enjoyed teaching a wide array of courses from the Golden Age to the present, in which I have incorporated the fruits of my research.

Selected Honors and Distinctions

Guggenheim Fellowship, 2000-01, to research and write The Subject in Question

Choice Outstanding Academic Book, 2007

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship, Tulane University, 2005

Research Enhancement Award for Distinguished Scholars, 2007-08, Tulane University, to research Modernity  Dialectics: Word, Image, Epistemology in the Spanish Discourse of Modernism

Previous Awards include: NEH Summer Stipend, NEH Summer Semianr, Manship Fellowship, Grants from Spanish Ministry of Culture



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