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"Department of Spanish and Portuguese"

Marcela J. Pardes
449 Anderson Hall

PhD, Temple University
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Coordinator of Spanish 1003, 1903, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2901 and 2901

Research Interests

My primary research interest is in Contemporary Latin American Literature, particularly in Latin American Jewish Literature.  I have studied several contemporary Latin American Jewish authors, such as Isaac Goldemberg, Angelina Muñiz-Huberman, and Teresa Porzecanski.  My focus is on Jewish themes, as well as their connections with national, Latin American, and universal literature. I am also interested in travel literature, business Spanish, business translation and interpreting.


Most Recent Publications

1.  "Entrevista a Marcelo Birmajer." Revista Iberoamericana 76.232-233 (Julio-Diciembre 2010): 975-80.

2.  " Colombina descubierta de Alicia Freilich-Segal: la nueva novela histórica como cuestionamiento del viaje del Descubrimiento." Chasqui . 36.2 (2007): 58-72.

3.  "El Bildungsroman y la literatura latinoamericana judía: El alma al diablo de Marcelo Birmajer." Hispanic Journal . 27.1 (Spring 2006): 105-18.

4.  "El motivo literario del viaje en la literatura latinoamericana judía contemporánea." Raíces. Revista judía de cultura . 61.18 (Winter 2004/2005): 52-59.


Teaching Interests

My teaching philosophy reflects my life values and beliefs.  I believe that when people feel respected and valued, they will strive to do their best.  I have been teaching for many years, and I realize that whatever the subject matter I teach (language, literature, business or translation), I enjoy especially the intellectual and personal interaction with the students, and I want to share with them my enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong endeavor.



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