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Student Organizations

TUGSEP (Temple University Graduate Students of Español & Português)

TUGSEP was created to fill the specific needs of the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote academic advancement and excellence in graduate studies in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Offer graduate students the opportunity to present their investigations in a formal setting
  • Promote the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Graduate Studies at Temple University in the academic community
  • Demonstrate the academic richness of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University
  • Promote the dialogue between students in the field (Spanish and Portuguese Literature and Linguistics)
  • Create programs which speak to the needs of the graduate students in Spanish and Portuguese in the four fields (such as: talks by prominent speakers in out fields of study; social and networking events; etc.)
  • Create an academic journal published within the department
  • Create and extend community relations in the Philadelphia metro area

This organization proposes to support graduate students by offering the following services:

  • Annual conference
  • Publication of the conference proceedings
  • Opportunity to present scholarly investigations
  • Travel support (when available) for conferences in which the active full members present papers

Dissertation Writing Group

As graduate students of Spanish, we have special language needs which cannot be met by all Dissertation Writing Groups. So we have formed a group which will meet regularly to support each other as we work on our dissertations. If you have just completed or are planning to take your comprehensive exams soon, this is a group that will be of interest to you. Keep in mind, you do not have to be already writing your dissertation. This group offers support by:

  • Critiques: Students will share what they have written and make suggestions and comments for their peers. Content will be examined as well as grammatical corrections, clarity of ideas and the flow of your writing.
  • Emotional Support: The process is extremely difficult, not to mention exhausting, and who understands your pain better than someone who is going through the same thing?
  • Taskmasters: We keep you on track so that you have someone else to answer to besides your dissertation director.

For more information, please email tugsep@temple.edu.


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