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"Department of Spanish and Portuguese"

Alira Ashvo-Muņoz
429 Anderson Hall

PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Research and Teaching Interests

My interest is in Spanish American Literature since the second half of the 20th Century until recent times and the most recent authors from Spain. I include in my research philosophy specially phenomenology (Husserl) as a way to approach the narratives I am focusing on. This can be seen in my recent publications. Music and Art History are also fields of interest that I intertwine in my research. I try to formulate courses according the designated topic and material given allowing for a challenging environment in which students truly learn, which also serves to enrich their lives. Language and literature can be tools for communication, understanding and enrichment of individual realities and that of others.


Most Recent Publications

"Inherent and Intentional Inquiries on Virtues", Analecta Husserliana , XCVI, Springer Publishers, The Netherlands, 208, 115-122.

Analecta Husserliana , V39, Temporatity in Life as Seen Through Literature, Contributions to the Phenomenology of Life, "A Temporal Chora" (A Carpentier, "As the Night") Springer P. , Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2007, 3-13.

"A Question of interest, Between Good and Evil in C Fuentes Instinto de Inez , Analecta Husserliana LXXXV, Springer P., The Netherlands, 2005, 5-15

"Searching Moral Standards in a Love Diatribe , Analecta Husserliana LXXXV, Springer P., The Netherlands, 2005, 555-562.



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