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Thomas Barry Morton
437 Anderson Hall

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor of Spanish


Research Interests

My primary research interests include, bilingualism and language contact phenomena as well as the African Experian in regions where Spanish is an official language (circum-Atlantic).  My current research involves the quantitative sociolinguistic of variation and change in the circum-Caribbean and lowland Pacific regions of South America Spanish based creole languages and varieties of Spanish spoken in regions with a history of African settlement. Based on my research for my dissertation, I am preparing for publication of the first quantitative analysis of variation and change in the Spanish spoken in the bilingual Afro-Colombian community of el Palenque de San Basilio.  Concurrently, I am working on the first quantitative analysis of linguyistic variation and change in lengua palanquera (the local Spanish based creole language) in Palenque San Basilio.  

Other research interests in clued African American Vernacular English (AAVE) also known as “Ebonics” or “Black English”.


Most Recent Publications

 (with Dr. Armin Schwegler, UC, Irvine)  “Vernacular Spanish in a Microcosm: Kateyano in El Palenque de San Basilio (Colombia)” [Revista Internacional de lingüística îberoamericana] Vervuert: Madrid. 2003       

Review of  Lengua y cultura en el Caribe hispánico: Actas de una sección del congreso de la Asociación de Hispanistas Alemanes celebrado en Augsburgo, 4-7 de marzo de 1993 (eds) Jens Lüdtka y Matthias Perl Niemeyer.  Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages vol. 13: 2 1998


Teaching Interests

Sociolinguistics; history of the Spanish languages; Spanish phonetics and phonology; history of bilingualism and language contact phenomena; Spanish and English sociolinguistics; Spanish language and English as a second language; the African linguistic and cultural experience in Spanish and Luso America; and creole and pidgin languages.





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