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Norma Corrales-Martin
446 Anderson Hall

PhD, Ohio University
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Research and Teaching Interests

I would like to accentuate what makes my praxis unique. One of my pedagogical interests has been the creation of a classroom environment in which students are motivated to learn Spanish and feel comfortable to participate. I found a material base for conveying this atmosphere, along with phonologic, morpho-syntactic, semantic and cultural content in the wonderful world of Hispanic music. Meanwhile, a pedagogical and research challenge ensued from the material: I discovered that grammars centered in the category noun-subject, by which I had been trained, lacked the necessary explanatory power for a complex text, such as a song. I decided to focus my research in and out of the classroom on developing a model of linguistic analysis centered in the verb. I have been pleased to confirm that the grammar resulting from the application of this paradigm (1) explains Spanish language respecting Hjemslev's principles of simplicity and coherence, and (2) constitutes a sound pedagogical tool to teach any song or text. My research project has grown into two textbooks, Gramática Viva (2004, 2006) and Lingüística Viva (2004, 2007), and has been recently published internationally by Lincom Europa as Esbozo de una Gramática Viva del Español: Una Gramática Centrada en el Verbo (2010).

I have taught Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (4302), Advanced Writing Skills (3096), Advanced Grammar and Linguistic Concepts (3003), Advanced Composition and Conversation (3001), Composition (2096), Latin America Film and Fiction (2101), Conversational Review (2001), and Basic Spanish II (1002). I developed the class Hispanic Popular Cultures, taught for the first time in the Spring 2008. I am Coordinator of Spanish 1002, Basic II since Spring 2006.


Most Recent Publications


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