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Luis González del Valle
427 Anderson Hall

Luis Gonzalez del VallePhD, Five College Cooperation Program:  Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Professor of Spanish

Research Interests

My primary field of specialization is Spanish literature during the 19th and 20th centuries, with secondary fields in 19th-century Cuban literature and culture, Spanish American narrative fiction (1900-1970), and Spanish theater of the Golden Age.  Most of my research involves narrative fiction and drama, while poetry is my secondary field as evidenced by some of my publications.  Specifically, I consider myself a literary scholar and a historian of literature.  As a literary critic interested in Narratology, my approach to literature usually employs an eclectic set of theories.  Throughout the years, I have been dedicated to the study of Valle-Inclán, Unamuno, Azorín, the Machado brothers, Benavente, Salas y Quiroga, Delibes, Hernández, Gómez de Avellaneda, Modernism, canonicity, and 19th-cenury travel accounts on Cuba.  I have also published extensively on García Lorca, Cela, Romero, Delibes, Sábato, Asturias and others.  My work on Valle-Inclán was recognized with the Xunta de Galicia's Silver Medal in 2000.  Much of my work is interdisciplinary in nature and, as a comparatist, I published a book on Charles Baudelaire and Modernist aesthetics in Spain (it has attracted many positive reviews).  More recently, I prepared a facsimile edition-with illustrations and a lengthy introductory study-of Jacinto de Salas y Quiroga's Viages.  Isla de Cuba (1840), published by the press of the University of Santiago de Compostela.  Salas remains an intriguing, little known, Spanish Romantic poet, novelist, playwright and essayist. For many years my editorial activities have proven beneficial to the field of Hispanic Studies.  As Editor-in-Chief of Anales de la literatura española contemporánea  and director of a series-Publications of the Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies-I have facilitated the dissemination and advancement of knowledge about Hispanic literature and culture in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Most Recent Publications


1. Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Antología. Novelas y ensayo. Introduction and edition by Luis T. González del Valle. Madrid: Biblioteca Castro, forthcoming.

2. Antolín González del Valle Río, LETTERS TO HIS FATHER. Bilingual Edition. Trans. By Hope Doyle D´Ambrosio. Introduction and Edition by Luis T. González del Valle. Philadelphia: Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, 2011.

3. Jacinto Benavente, Obras, 3 vols. Introduction and Edition by Luis T. González del Valle and José Manuel Pereiro Otero. Madrid: Biblioteca Castro, 2007, 2010.  Forthcoming: Vol. 3.

4.    Jacinto de Salas y Quiroga, Viages. Isla de Cuba (1840).  Introduction and edition by Luis T. González-del-Valle.  Santiago de Compostela:  Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela/Biblioteca de la Cátedra de Cultura Cubana Alejo Carpentier, 2006.

5.  Roger Williams Woodbury, Souvenir of Florida & Cuba 1886.   Introduction and edition by Luis T. González del Valle .  Boulder:  Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, 2005.

6.   José Martí.  Boulder:  Society of Spanish and Spanish American Studies, 2003.  Editor.

7.  La canonización del Diablo.  Baudelaire y la estética moderna en España.   Madrid:  Editorial Verbum, 2002.


1. "Presentación. Ramón Hernández," Dolores Medio: mujer y escritora. Oviedo: KRK Ediciones (2010).

2 .  "La inevitable representación de lo híbrido y ambiguo en Caramarcada, " Crítica Hispánica, 29 (2007).

3 .  "Caracterización onómastica en la Farsa y licencia de la reina castiza, de Ramón del Valle -Inclán:  el caso de Torroba,"  Homenaje a Ricardo Doménech.  Madrid:  Editorial Fundamentos, (2008).

4 .  Reflexiones autoconscientes sobre el esperpento en la Farsa y licencia de la reina castiza," Hecho Teatral, 7 (2007).

5 .  "El otro Ayala: algunos planteamientos sobre un proyecto necesario,"  Anales de la literatura española contemporánea, 32 (2007).

6 . "Rosita, primer esperpento," Anales de la literatura española contemporánea, 31 (2006).

7 .  "Aspectos de la sociedad decimonónica en unas cartas de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda,"  Revista Universidad de La Habana, 260 (2004).

8 .  "El precedente moderno baudelaireano en el Esperpento de la hija del capitán," Rilce, 18 (2002).

9 .  "Women in Valle-Inclán's Brief Fiction and in the Sonatas, " Feminist Encyclopedia of Spanish Literature .  Ed. Janet Pérez. Vol. 2. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2002.

10 .  "Valle-Inclán ante la tragedia,"  Hecho Teatral, 1 (2001).

11. "Iniquidad oficial y objeción individual en la España decimonónica a través de algunas cartas inéditas de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda,"  Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 77 (2000).

Teaching Interests

As a teacher, I have taught a variety of courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  My teaching repertoire includes, among others, literary analysis, Spanish masterpieces, 20th century Spanish and Spanish-American drama, Modernity and the so-called generation of 1898, Narratology, 19th and 20th Century Spanish Narrative fiction, Spanish-American Narrative fiction to the mid 1970s, Valle-Inclán, García Lorca, Sábato, etc.  My activities in the classroom have been supplemented through individualized instruction (independent study courses and dissertation supervision) and by the development of new courses, programs of study and instructional materials (including textbooks).  I view myself as a careful reader, one who devotes much time to the work of the students.  In critiquing what they write, I attempt to facilitate their professional growth.  Although a demanding professor, students seem to value their interaction with me.  In 1996, the Colorado Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese honored me with its yearly Excellence in Teaching Award.

I am a firm believer that research, in its many manifestations, and teaching go together:  it is very difficult to be an excellent teacher unless one is an active researcher.  In my classes, I am constantly establishing links between the research I conducted and the texts being discussed. During fall 2010 I am teaching a graduate seminar on Hispanic Modernity (both Spain and Spanish America).

Selected Honors and Distinctions

1. Silver Medal, Xunta de Galicia
2. Diploma de Honor, Asociación Castellana Manchega de Escritores
3. Excellence in Teaching Award, Colorado Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
4. Corresponding Member, North American Academy of the Spanish Language (an affiliate of the Royal Spanish Academy)
5.  Mid-America State Universities Association Honor Lecturer
6.  Postdoctoral Research Award, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (on behalf of the U.S. Spanish Joint Committee for Educational and Cultural Affairs) 7.  Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow


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