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José Manuel Pereiro Otero
(Associate Chair for Graduate Studies)
450 Anderson Hall

Jose Manuel Pereiro OteroPhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Associate Professor of Spanish


Research Interests

My field of research includes modern peninsular literature (18th-21st centuries). In this fruitful period—one which coincides with the consolidation, development and crisis of Modernity—, there are certain aspects that are of particular interest to me: 1. the crisis of classicist discourses which led into the modern idea of writing; 2. the tension between nation, language and culture within Spain, especially in the autonomous region of Galicia; 3. the effects of Modernity in literary representations; and 4. the increasing importance of women’s writing during the period. I have published on authors such as Vicente García de la Huerta, Manuel José Quintana, Andrés Bello, José Zorrilla, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Rubén Darío, Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, Jacinto Benavente, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. My book, La escritura modernista de Valle-Inclán: orgía de colores (Madrid: Verbum, 2008) researches the fracture between classicist and modern types of writing in late 19th and early 20th century. In addition I have co-edited a selection of Jacinto Benavente’s work in the Biblioteca Castro collection.

Finally my next book length project will be focused on the interrelation existing between the Necropolis and the Metropolis, from the late 18th to the late 19th centuries. In it I would like to connect the expulsion of modern cemeteries to the outer edge of the cities, with artistic representations of the dead returning to the city and, vice versa, the living migrating to the cemetery.


Recent Publications


Vanguardia, exilio y traducción en las posguerras europeas: Nancy Cunard y Ramón del Valle-Inclán. Madrid: Verbum, 2010.

La escritura modernista de Valle-Inclán: orgía de colores. Madrid: Verbum, 2008.

Co-authored: Curso avanzado de gramática española: Comunicación reflexiva. Co-author:  Prof. Isolde Jordan. New Jersey: Pearson Education/Prentice Hall, 2006. Pedagogical supplement: Instructor's Resource Manual for Comunicación reflexiva. Co-author: Isolde Jordan. New Jersey: Pearson Education-Prentice Hall, 2006.


Co-edited special issue of Hecho Teatral 12 (2012). 534 pp. Co-editor Luis T. González del Valle. Volume contains articles by Ricardo Fernández Romero, Sean McDaniel and Joyce Tolliver, Diana Muela Bermejo, José Antonio Pérez Bowie, Juan Antonio Ríos Carratalá, Margot Versteeg, Juan Aguilera Sastre and an edition of an unpublished manuscript by Cipriano de Rivas Cherif. ISSN: 1695-355X.

Co-editing in collaboration with Professor Luis T. González del Valle: Comedias y dramas by Jacinto Benavente. 3 vols. Madrid: Fundación José Antonio Castro, 2007, 2010 forthcoming.

Edited special number of Hecho Teatral 7 (2008) and authored introductory essay, “Siete calas críticas en el teatro de principios del siglo XX (1890-1939)” (5-8). Volume contains special collaborations by Elena Cueto Asín, Dru Dougherty, John P. Gabriele, Lily Litvak, Francisco Plata, Margarita Santos Zas, Christopher Soufas, Jr.


Co-authored with Francisco Plata: “Práctica y teoría de la traducción en Unamuno: cuatro cartas inéditas.” Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea 37 (2012): 1059-115. ISSN: 0272-1635.

“El mí(s)tico paisaje galaico de La lámpara maravillosa.” Antípodas 22 (2011): 181-98. ISSN: 0113-2415. Optional title: Mario Vargas Llosa: Amores, Utopías, Infiernos. Estudios críticos sobre Mario Vargas Llosa. Eds. Roy C. Boland Osegueda and Marie-Madeleine Gladieu. Sidney: Antipodas, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-9775868-5-1.

“Un Valle-Inclán en la resistencia antifranquista: la traducción inédita de Ligazón realizada por Nancy Cunard en 1951.” Valle-Inclán en el gran teatro del mundo. Ed. Margarita Santos Zas. Theatralia: Revista de Poética del Teatro 13. Vigo: Editorial Academia del Hispanismo, 2011. 139-66. ISSN: 1576-1754; ISBN: 978-84-15175-02-5.

“Los prolegómenos al modernismo hispánico: Rubén Darío, Azul… (1888-1905) y el estilo de la decadencia.” Diálogos ibéricos sobre a modernidade. Ed. Xaquín Núñez Sabarís. Famalicão: Humus-U do Minho, 2011. 173-94. ISBN: 978-989-8139-85-6.


Teaching Interests

I have taught classes on language, literature and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Overall, my main concern has been engaging students in the learning process in order to help them to be responsible for their own intellectual development. As it is reflected in my teaching evaluations, students enjoy this approach and, even though they stress the demanding nature of my classes, they value the efficiency of my methods as they document tangible improvement during the semester. One aspect that has attracted special attention in my teaching concerns the use of technology in class. The computer—including software, word processors, presentation software, Google Earth, the Web, multimedia, databases, Blackboard, Electronic Reserve, etc.— has become an indispensable medium to open the classroom to the world. In my presentations, in the tasks and in my course assignments, I always use and encourage the use of what I consider to be a cornerstone of future’s literacy in view of the anticipated demands society will, sooner or later, place on students under my guidance. I believe that in so doing, I am helping to forge a generation of students and researchers who will take full advantage of technological innovations, as they are exposed to some of their applications. Finally, another underpinning of my teaching interests involves my constant efforts to establish a conversation between Spanish literature and other means of artistic expressions (i.e. painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, etc.).



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