Faculty Senate Elections - Spring 2019


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2019 Candidates for Senate Officers and Elected Committees



  • Rafael Porrata-Doria, Beasley School of Law


Dear Colleagues,


I am interested in serving as the President of the Faculty Senate.

As you can see from my attached biography, I have been active in many Faculty Senate Committees for many years.


I am running President because I have always been a strong believer in faculty governance. In order for a university to have effective faculty governance, both faculty and administrators must cooperate and work together for the benefit of the institution. All of us need to work on this.


There are several initiatives that I believe the Senate should undertake in order to strengthen faculty governance at Temple. These initiatives include:

. Reach out to the university's collegial assemblies so that we can better understand their needs and concerns, and bring them to the attention of the university administration.
. Work with the Deans and administration to ensure that faculty concerns and opinions are taken into account and considered in university decision making.
. Engage in outreach to our younger colleagues to introduce them to the work of the Senate, seek their input and solicit their assistance.
. Work to improve communications between the Faculty Senate and the faculty.
. Streamline and reinvigorate the Senate's committees to ensure that we are working effectively on issues that are important to the faculty.

I very much appreciate your support and am looking forward to continuing to work with you for the benefit of Temple.

Review Bio: Rafael Porrata-Doria bio




  • Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon - Senate Vice President

Please accept this paragraph as a statement of interest for candidacy for the Vice President of Faculty Senate. My name is Dr. Kimmika L. H. Williams-Witherspoon and I am the Associate Professor of Urban Theater and Community Engagement in the School of Theater, Film and Media Arts, Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts here at Temple University.


I have been a faculty senate representative for the School of Theater Film and Media Arts for three years and served as secretary of the Faculty Senate for the fall semester 2018. Following the retirement of Professor Cornelius Pratt and his resignation as Faculty Senate President, Vice president Rafael Porrata-Doria was elevated to Faculty Senate President, and as secretary, in accordance with the Faculty Senate constitution and bylaws, I moved into the position of Vice President for the remainder of this academic year.


Having served as co-chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color (FOC) for a number of years, various service positions in my school and department, as well as serving as a founding member and steering committee member of the Academic Center on Research in Diversity (ACCORD), I firmly believe that I bring a unique set of skills and an investment in university life and shared faculty governance that I would hope to continue as Vice President of Faculty Senate. With that in mind, I hope you will endorse my candidacy for Vice President of Faculty Senate (2019-2020).

Review Bio: https://tfma.temple.edu/staff-faculty/kimmika-williams-witherspoon




  • Catherine Panzarella - College of Liberal Arts

Statement of Interest: I am interested in serving the Faculty and have served on Faculty Senate Budget Advisory since 2013. I would welcome the opportunity to serve in an officer capacity.

Review Bio: Catherine Panzarella bio




  • Boris Datskovsky - College of Science and Technology

Statement of Interest: I would like to be considered for a second term on the Educational Policies and Procedures Committee (EPPC). My qualifications are as follows: I joined the Temple faculty in 1988. Currently, I am a full professor in the Department of Mathematics. I have served the Department of Mathematics as the Graduate chair (07/196-07/1998), the Director of Undergraduate Studies (07/1998-01/2013), an Associate Chair (01/2013-06/2016), and more recently as the Director of Advising and Coordinated Courses (07/2016-Present). I have also served on the College of Science and Technology Undergraduate Committee (09/2001-06/2016 and 09/2017-Present) and on EPPC (11/2016-Present). My duties have brought me in contact with hundreds of students, both math majors and students from other departments who take math courses. I believe that my extensive advising experience makes me uniquely qualified to serve on EPPC.
I have a fairly wide range of availability for regular committee meetings.




  • Finbarr McCarthy: Beasley School of Law

I wish to serve on the Faculty Senate Personnel Committee. I am an associate professor in the Law School and have considerable experience dealing with the promotion and disciplinary matters that the committee addresses. In Tokyo, where I both taught and served as Director of the Law Program, I dealt with faculty reviews of and disciplinary complaints against both law program and undergraduate professors. I also served as an ombudsperson playing a role in administration-student disputes. I have taught employment discrimination law and comparative employment law. If elected to the committee, I will be both thorough and fair.



  • Judith Ainsworth - Fox School of Business

Participating on this committee interests me because, currently, no Business Communications faculty are represented on the committee. Business Communications is a core course for all undergraduate business majors and enrols over 1000 students every fall and spring semester. Thus, I would like to serve as liaison between the Business Communications Honors Program and the Faculty Senate. Furthermore, I would like to research Honors programs at Temple's benchmark universities to update curricula and programs to provide the most relevant course content and best possible learning environments for our students. Finally, Temple must collaborate with community practitioners to develop initiatives, further cross-disciplinary scholarship and develop relevant curricula for the leaders of tomorrow. I would welcome participating in this type of outreach.
Availability: Although the teaching load is high in Business Communications, I am available to meet throughout the fall and spring semesters. During the summer from May to August, I am usually overseas and attend conferences in various countries. However, I can attend meetings virtually.

Review CV: Judith Ainsworth


  • Vallorie Peridier - College of Engineering

Statement of Interest: In my view, the University Honors Program is Temple's single most effective recruiting tool for attracting top-tier undergraduate talent.
I have been the college-level College of Engineering coordinator for the University Honors Program since 2010. Based on my first-hand experience, I feel that Temple fields a distinctive and innovative University Honors program that will continue to attract extraordinary undergraduate talent.

It has been my privilege to contribute on the Faculty Senate University Honors Program Oversight Committee, and I look forward to serving another term in support of this very critical University-wide program.

Review CV: Vallorie Peridier


  • Matt Wray - College of Liberal Arts

I've enjoyed my term on the Oversight Committee (terrific colleagues-great Honors Program staff--and I'm interested in continuing to serve tin this capacity.
Review CV: mattwray.collegeofliberalarts.CV




  • Suzanne Gauch- College of Liberal Arts

Statement of Interest: I'm honored to be asked to stand for re-election on the Arts and Humanities Division of the University Tenure and Promotion Committee. There is no more important committee in terms of upholding the University's values of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. As a someone who has served on both Department and College of Liberal Arts Tenure and Promotion Committees, I take seriously the tasks with which the Committee is charged and the duty to uphold the rigorous standards and fairness of the review process. I recognize that serving on this Committee represents a significant time commitment and am willing to make that commitment for the good of the institution and for the ultimate benefit our students.
Review CV: https://liberalarts.temple.edu/academics/faculty/gauch-suzanne