University Sabbatical Committee 2018-19


To be named


Senate Elected Members:

Sasha Eisenman, TYL, 3-8168,, '20

Jagan Krishnan, FSBM, 1-8126,, '20**

Rob Kulathinal, CST, 1-0620,, '20


Kenneth Thurman, COE, 1-6018,, '19

Geoffrey Wright, CPH, 1-9066,, '20


Provost Appointments

Frank Davis, CST, 1-0477,, '16

Fabienne Darling-Wolf, KMC, 1-2077,, '18

Alex Gottesman, CLA, 1-3182,, '18

Jillian Harris, BCMD, 1-5114,, '18

Paul Swann, TFMA, 1-1735,, '18

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, TFMA, 1-8417,, '18


(Updated January 24, 2019)



The committee shall review Sabbatical, Grant-in-Aid, and Summer Research applications and recommend to the Provost or other designated University officer which should be awarded. The Provost shall then make these awards at his/her discretion.


The Provost or other designated University officer will consult with a University Sabbatical Committee consisting of 13 faculty members from the TAUP bargaining unit. Seven (7) members shall be selected by the Provost and six (6) members shall be selected by the Faculty Senate. To maintain disciplinary breadth and diversity on the committee, no more than one faculty member per school or college may be selected by the Faculty Senate to serve at one time. These are rotating, three-year terms No one may serve more than two consecutive full terms.




This committee meets three to four times for two hours primarily in November and December. On-line application materials are review in advance of each meeting.