University Press Board of Review


Priya Joshi


Priya Joshi (Chr.) CLA First term 1/1/16
David Boardman* SMC First term 9/1/16
Amid Ismail* KSoD First term 6/1/17
Peter Logan CLA Second term 9/1/17
Jennifer Ibrahim CPH First term 1/1/18
Judith Levine CLA First Term 1/1/18
Sandra Suarez CLA First term 1/1/18
Zain Abdullah CLA First term 1/1/18
Lynne Andersson FSBM First term 1/1/19
* Dean





To determine whether or not manuscripts should be published by Temple University Press and to advise the editors on relevant matters related to publication.


10 Faculty nominated by the FSSC.


Ability to assess if a manuscript is worthy to be published by the United Press, including an ability to recommend when and what kinds of revisions are appropriate.