Assessment of Instruction Committee 2019-2020


Joseph P. DuCette


Dan Berman, UG Studies, 1-6042,

Ina L. Calligaro, PHAR, 2-4967,

Gina Calzaferri, IRA, 1-8277,

Kevin Delaney, VPFA, 1-3745,

Joseph P. DuCette, (Chr.) COE, 1-4998

Eric Eisenstein, FSB, 1-7039,, '21

Stephanie Fiore, CAT, 1-8761,

Steven Fleming, CST,

Nicholas Goodyear, Student Rep.,, '19

Zebulon Kendrick, Grad Sch., 1-8526,

Matthew Miller, TFMA, 1-4263,, '21

Bernie S. Newman, SSW, 1-1205,

Moritz Ritter, CLA, 1-5029,, '21

Wesley Roehl, STHM, 1-5861,, '21

Daniel Spaeth, CST, 1-6772,

Karen M. Turner, KMC, 1-8386,, '21

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, TFMA, 1-8417,, '21



(Updated May 17, 2019)


The Student Feedback Forms Committee is a joint faculty, staff and student committee charged with advising the President and Provost about matters related to the evaluation of teaching at the University, particularly regarding Student Feedback Forms (SFFs) and the implementation of the university's policy on course and teaching evaluations: The Committee formulates studies and evaluates data on the evaluation of teaching and makes recommendations regarding the methods, approaches, assessment documents and logistics related to course and teaching evaluations.


Faculty committee members are appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Staff members are appointed by the Provost.


The committee generally meets quarterly in full session--or more frequently, as needed. The working groups or subcommittees may meet more often.

Recent Accomplishments

The committee has developed and guided the implementation of substantive change from the old CATE to the new SFF forms. Changes have involved:

  • From a single CATE form to multiple SF forms to reflect different styles of teaching
  • Revisions to content of forms - reduced number of questions, changed wording and re-ordering of questions.
  • Reduced number of open ended questions.
  • Changed format of reporting out data - from 2 digit to one digit means; from percentiles to 3 group classification of Upper, Middle and Lower.
  • Implemented one year pilot test of e-SFF format.