Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color


Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Sweet, Co-Chair



Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, TFMA, 1-8417,, `14**
Karen M. Turner, SMC, 1-8386,, '16**
Donna-Marie Peters, CLA,, '15
Lee Kenneth Richardson, TFMA,, '15

Wilbert Roget, CLA, 1-8273,, '16

Rickie Sanders, CLA, 1-5650,, '16

Latanya Jenkins, Library, 1-8244,, '16

Elizabeth Sweet, CLA,, '16

Srimati Mukherjee, CLA,, '18


John F. Street, (Consultant), CLA,

Marie Amey-Taylor, (Consultant), EDUC


Committee typically meets twice a month during the semester.


Annual events hosted by the committee include: Annual Faculty Banquet, Annual Awards Reception and the Chat in the Stacks events.