Research Programs and Policies Committee


To be named

Faculty Senate Seed Money Funds:
The Faculty Senate Seed Money Fund dates are on hold while the Vice Provost for Research restructures the Call for Applications process. Information will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes available.


Elected Members:

Mahmut Safak, TUSM, 2-6338,, '17

Tim McDonald,TYL,, '17

Joseph Picone, ENGR, 1-4841,, '15


Appointed Members:

Barbara Hoffman, TUSM, 2-6902,, '15

Wenhui Hu, TUSM,, '15





To develop policy on all matters related to research, and to review and ratify any proposed changes in policy and programs. The committee has responsibility and authority for presenting faculty interest on all matters involving University research policies and activities. It shall establish subcommittees, as necessary, and may designate such additional faculty members-at-large if required; it shall report periodically to the Faculty Senate.


10 Faculty (4 elected by UFS; 6 appointed by FSSC)


Heavy load, when proposals come in and work is distributed to subcommittees. Frequent meetings may be required.