Presidential Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (PACIA)


Eleanor Myers


Eleanor Myers, Law, 1-1923,, `11

Lynne Andersson, FSBM, 1-5088,, `13

Erin McNamara Horvat, Educ, 1-6178,, `13**

Michael Sachs, CHPSW,, `13

Michael Jackson, STHM, 1-6298,, `12**


Vicki McGarvey, V. Provost,, `13

William Bergman, Sr. V. President,, `13

William Black, Sr. V. Provost,, `12

Michele O'Connor, Assc. V.Provost,, `13


Bonnie Rosen, Athletics, 1-6668,, `12


Ann Robinson, `12

Non-voting Ex-Officio (or designees)

Theresa Powell, VP for Student Affairs

Bill Bradshaw , Director of Athletics

Herman Frazier, Assc. Dir. of Athletics

Kristen Foley, Assc. Dir. of Athletics

Eric Roedl, Assc. Dir. of Athletics

Sherryta Freeman, Assc. Athletic Dir for Compliance

Justin Miller, Dir. Academic Support

Kim Marsh, Athletic Certifying Officer

Karen Sofranko, Dir of Advising Ctr


The Temple University Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics is an advisory committee to the President to make recommendations on issues such as: enhancing student athlete well-being, gender equity in athletic opportunities, sportsmanship, academic integrity, non discrimination and diversity, processes to assure NCAA rules compliance, and such other matters on which the President specifically requests advice. It will report regularly to the Board of Trustees Committee on Athletics.


The PACIA may set its own meeting schedule, but there shall be at least 3 meetings annually.


  • 5 Faculty Representatives, appointed by the President for three year terms, in consultation with the Faculty Senate;
  • 4 Administration Representatives, appointed by the President for three year terms, of whom at least two shall either: (1) hold an academic appointment, (2) be directly responsible to the President, or (3) serve as a chief administrative official (e.g. admissions director, finance officer, department head, or athletics department head);
  • 1 NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative;
  • 2 Student athletes appointed by the Director of Athletes for one year terms from the membership of the Student Athletics Advisory Committee (one man, one woman);
  • 1 student, chosen by Temple Student Government for a one year term, who is not a student athlete;
  • 1 Alumni/ae representative, chosen by the General Alumni Association, for a three year term.


The Temple University Presidential Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (hereafter PACIA) is hereby established. This Committee replaces both the Temple University Advisory Committee in Intercollegiate Athletics, established in 1993, and the Athletics Advisory Board, established in 2002.